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Fight the Slime

An oddly satisfying, survival cleaning sim, where you’re part of a a team of space janitors, sent to random sealed off procedurally generated locations, where there’s a slime mould that grows on all the surfaces, and it wants to eat you.

Dynamic Enemy

The slime can smell you and hunts you down, it’ll separate you from your team and trap you in rooms. 

The cores will send out antibodies bodies down its veins, some may grab ahold, some shoot spores, and some may stun you in place.

Evolving Danger

You can hide behind doors or escape through vents, but if you’re not careful it will grow throughout your exits and corner you.

Your ability scales with the difficulty, via upgradable weapons with the DNA you collect.

Take out the cores and clean up the slime, then you’ll have completed your task and live to see another mission.

The goal of this Slime Cleanup is to use a reactive AI, to give it the feeling of intention, and remove the repetitiveness, while keeping the replay-ability.

The games currently running on PC, with support for consoles in the near future, and multiplayer is already in development right now.

Our Mission

We want to tap into that satisfaction of jumping straight into the game, without the hand-holding, instinctually knowing what you need to do, and discovering your own strategies.

To be able to switch off your brain and jump straight into the fun part, and then to up the anti, doubling the difficulty, and doubling the reward.

Replacing the sense of crafted meaning in favour of individual discovery by rewarding curiosity.

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