Slime Cleanup is here to immerse you in a universe that’s adaptive and expansive. Dive into an experience designed to take you to different worlds, freeing you from overly complex narratives, and guiding you seamlessly into a realm where learning comes naturally.

Using our adaptive cellular AI to create a living, evolving world where your actions steer its progression, crafting a unique experience with each play.

Game Pillars


Evolving challenges crafted by an AI that adapts to keep every session fresh and exciting.

Reward Risks

Unlock an array of tools and weapons that give you more ways to play, and balance taking risks with satisfying experiences.

Satisfying Mechanics

Core gameplay mechanics prioritize satisfaction, creating a gameplay landscape that accommodates and entertains players of any skill level.

Ethical Monetization

Uphold a commitment to ethical monetization, focusing on non-pay-to-win mechanics and building a healthy relationship with the community.


Platform and Requirements

Unity-built for PC, with Steam as the primary distribution platform, aiming for broad accessibility through varied system requirements.

Biology Inspired AI

Utilizing a Cellular Automata grid for AI, inspired by slime mould and ant colony behaviours, fostering a dynamically intelligent in-game ecosystem.

Custom Rendering System

Features a custom rendering system capable of handling 30,000+ slime blobs at over 300 fps, creating vibrant and detailed environments.

Burst Compiled Jobs System

Leveraging Unity’s Multi-Threaded, Burst Compiled Jobs System, achieving up to a 2500x boost in system performance, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Modular and Scalable Code Structure

A framework emphasizing plug-and-play modularity and high abstraction for easy expansion and addition of new features with stability.


About us

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